Why AI Businesses Are Failing- April 2020

Lancaster AI April 2020

Thanks to everyone that watched the stream live for the March 2020 Lancaster AI meetup! We discussed why if AI is so hot, investors seem to have cooled so much on the AI world from a business standpoint.

Special thanks to Scott Locklin’s post: https://scottlocklin.wordpress.com/20…

As well as Andreesen Horowitz: https://a16z.com/2020/02/16/the-new-b…

Google Mediapipe: https://github.com/google/mediapipe

Intel Skeleton Tracking: https://www.intelrealsense.com/skelet…

Thank you to our sponsor Sugey.

We’ll see you again in May!  We’re looking for speakers, so contact us if you’d like to speak or have a topic.


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