About Lancaster AI

Lancaster AI (artificial intelligence) is a local Central Pennsylvania group dedicated to learning and advancing the work of machine learning, deep learning, robotics, and any other form of artificial intelligence to come.

Lancaster joined Silicon Valley, New York, and less then a dozen other major US cities in running a free internationally-organized 10 week program on Artificial Intelligence (AI) from September of 2018 to November 2018. Selected by the Philippines based AI Saturdays program, the Lancaster AI team of Richard Everts and Wesley Roberts held weekly trainings every Saturday through November covering an introduction to the field.

Lancaster AI also recently held a 10 week free training on Reinforcement Learning and the Game of Go, where we rebuilt Alpha Go from scratch using python.

The goal of Lancaster AI with the AI Saturday program is to increase the available talent of AI and data science engineers in the region. With an average salary of almost $100,000 per year in Lancaster according to Glassdoor.com, it represents an excellent opportunity to increase quality of life, innovation and entrepreneurship in Central Pennsylvania.