Psychedelics, Consciousness and the Modern Search for AGI – Pt 1: Lancaster AI August 2020

August 2020 Lancaster AI Psychedelics Consciousness

This month Rich Everts made an introductory discussion on how the history of research into psychedelics from the 1950’s through the modern day informed new ways of viewing consciousness and understanding, and how this exposes both the good and bad of modern approaches to the search for artificial general intelligence and how it may inform a new path for the future.

Topics discussed included a deep dive into Terence McKenna, modern research on the psilosybin experience, quantum neural networks, Yang-Mills, microtubules, HTM theory, neuromorphic hardware, and more.

While this was a bit different than some of our previous talks, it was well received and informative to our audience.

Slides: https://bit.ly/32wNFtE


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