That’s a Wrap – November 2019 Meetup

Deepfakes Lancaster AI

Thanks to everyone that came out for the November 2019 Lancaster AI meetup, the last of this decade!

Rich Everts did an awesome talk on Deep Fakes, FaceSwap, and intro to GAN’s, and we did a full example of putting Commander Riker’s face on Rich’s!

Important resources:
Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/lesreaper/lancaster-ai-creating-deepfakes-199834165

FaceSwap: https://github.com/deepfakes/faceswap

Thank you to our sponsor Sugey, as well as PubForge for hosting the event.

We’ll see you again in 2020!  We’re looking for speakers, so contact us if you’d like to speak or have a topic.


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