That’s a Wrap – May 2019 Meetup

May 2019 Lancaster AI

Thanks to everyone that came out for the May 2019 Lancaster AI meetup!

We had a great talk by Richard Everts on the Jetson Nano: Why nVidia Sucks Less Than Usual. He took the team through the introductory setups for someone making the transition from a Raspberry Pi, as well as demos using the Intel Realsense Cameras, Jetson inferencing, and the GPIO interfaces.

Important resources:
Presentation Slides
PyImageSearch Intro to Jetson Nano

Thank you to our sponsor Sugey, as well as PubForge for hosting the event.

We’ll see you again on June 25th.  We’re looking for speakers, so contact us if you’d like to speak or have a topic.

We had some challenges with our live feed, so no video this month! Hopefully we’ll have it figured out for next month!


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