Thank You For an Awesome Fall 2018 AI Saturdays

Wow, what a great finale for the Fall 2018 AI Saturdays with Lancaster AI!

We got an opportunity to hand out a ton of awards and certificates, and everyone made a presentation on their final project.

We’d like to say how proud we are of all our students and the time and dedication they put into our free 10-week program. We know some of our students had zero coding experience, and while the course was extremely difficult, they stuck with it. For our other students, our “yellow”, “red”, and “black” belts, each one of you pushed yourselves to get better and stronger in your AI skills, and we’re so excited for your futures.

Rich Everts would also like to personally thank Wes Roberts for his awesome teaching of the “red” and “black” belts. He was truly a sensei like no other to that team.

Remember, as part of your Lancaster AI course attendance, you have 6 months free access to Datacamp. That means it’ll go until approximately March 8th. Be sure to brush up on your Python, Pandas, Keras, and other Deep Learning skills!

If you like to know more about when we have our next event, be sure to sign up on our mailing list in the sidebar!

Finally, here are pics of all our students doing their final presentations, and who made it through all 10 weekends! What an accomplishment! We’ll see you next year!



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