AI Saturdays Partners with Lancaster AI

AI Saturdays and Lancaster AI

Welcome to AI Saturdays! Lancaster AI is proud to partner with the AI Saturday team from Singapore to bring you the best learning experience in Artificial Intelligence. Spread over 10 weeks starting September 8th, and free to the public, it represents an amazing opportunity to get into one of the most dynamic fields in computers today.

AI Saturdays and Lancaster AI

AI Saturdays (affectionately known as AI6) is a community-driven and global movement across the globe to make Artificial Intelligence education at the quality and rigor of the world’s best universities accessible to anyone for free. AI6 is a free-to-attend, structured study groups going through materials used in universities like Stanford, Berkeley, and UCL, covering cutting-edge techniques in AI and deep learning. These study groups are held every Saturday, with structured materials and sessions targeted for people at all skill levels.

Lancaster AI is a local educational organization dedicated to spreading awareness and experience in the fields of Artificial Intelligence. Started in 2018 and sponsored by Sugey, a home-based AI for disabilities, it is led by Richard Everts and Wes Roberts.

The goal of Lancaster AI with the AI Saturday program is to increase the available talent of AI and data science engineers in the Central Pennsylvania region. With an average salary for mid-level developers (2 – 4 years of experience) of almost $100,000 per year in Lancaster according to Glassdoor.com, it represents an excellent opportunity to start on a solid career path that will also increase the quality of life, innovation, and entrepreneurship in Lancaster and beyond.

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What, When and Where

You WILL need to bring your own laptop or mobile device (not tested for iOS/Android, but installation instructions linked below). It doesn’t have to be the latest and greatest, so don’t worry. You should be comfortable opening and closing your terminal application, and have Python 3 installed.

Installing Python 3

It will start at 10 am and go to 2 or 3 pm pending the day’s content.

We will be at Franklin and Marshall College, Stager Hall, 1st Floor.

You are free to park around the area, except in the Lancaster Theological Seminary across the street. They will tow you.


Links to Important Stuff

Class Syllabus

Lancaster AI Slack Channel [Free to Register]

AI6 Forum

Medium.Com Articles

Week 1 – Artificial Intelligence Comes to Amish Country

Week 2 – Vectors, Matrices, Sororities and the Power of Pizza

Week 3 – Leaders Appearing in Week 3

Week 4 – The Firehose of Tensorflow in Week 4

Week 5 – Shifting Gears for AI Saturdays Week 5 in Lancaster



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