January 2018 Lancaster AI Meetup

January 2018 Lancaster AI Meetup

Welcome to the January 2018 Lancaster AI Meetup. Here’s what we have planned: Introduction to Neural Networks with Rich Everts, and How We Implemented AI at Brandyourself.com with Wes Roberts.

Basics Talk:

Introduction to Neural Networks – Rich Everts

Ever wonder how neural networks actually work? We’ll take a look at a simple network and see how forward propagation allows us to make predictions. An intro on the whiteboard and simple code examples should give a clear understanding if you’re at the beginning of the AI journey.

Advanced Talk:

How We Implemented AI at Brandyourself.com with Wes Roberts

Brandyourself.com recently released its v5.0 version of its software with an entire AI engine to scan social media. Join Wes Roberts as he takes you through what worked and what didn’t when building a production-ready AI system.

Live Stream:

We are testing our first live-streaming. Please don’t rely on this one 100%! Try to be out there in case there are challenges.

Stream link: http://bit.ly/2rRtWW7

Next Month:

If you would like to speak, please contact us.



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